State Disclosures and Licenses

We offer mortgages in 44 states and the District of Columbia (Washington DC). Find your state below to learn more about our licensing and other state-specific mortgage information.

State Licenses

State License Number License Type Regulated Text Disclosures
Alabama 21537 Consumer Credit License
Arkansas 109301 Mortgage Banker
California 603G731 Finance Lenders Law License (Lender)
Colorado 56301 Mortgage Company Registration
Connecticut ML-56301 Mortgage Lender License
Delaware 021878 Licensed Lender
District of Columbia MLB56301 Mortgage Lender
Florida MLD172 Mortgage Lender
Idaho MBL-9077 Mortgage Broker/Lender License
Illinois MB.6760979 Residential Mortgage License (Originating Activity)
Indiana First Lien Mortgage Lending License
Indiana 21140 Mortgage Lender's License
Iowa Registrant
Iowa 2014-0088 Mortgage Banker
Iowa Regulated
Kansas MC.0025232 Mortgage Company License
Kentucky MC392851 Mortgage Company License
Louisiana 56301 Residential Mortgage Lending License
Maine 56301 Supervised Lender
Maryland 8196 Mortgage Lender License
Massachusetts MC56301 Mortgage Broker
Massachusetts MC56301 Mortgage Lender
Massachusetts Small Loan Agency License
Michigan FL0018834 First Mortgage Lender License/Registrant
Minnesota MN-MO-56301 Residential Mortgage Originator License
Mississippi 56301 Mortgage Lender
Montana 56301 Mortgage Lender
Nebraska 56301 Mortgage Bankers
New Hampshire 21759-MB Mortgage Banker
New Jersey 56301 Residential Mortgage Lender License
New Mexico 56301 Mortgage Loan Company License
New York Mortgage Banker Exempt
New York Mortgage Banker License
New York A007352 Mortgage Broker Registration
North Carolina L-157597 Mortgage Lender
North Dakota MB102998 Money Broker License
Ohio RM.804323.000 Mortgage Broker Act Certificate of Registration
Ohio RM.804323.000 RMLA Certificate of Registration
Oklahoma MLO10392 Mortgage Lender
Oregon ML-4979 Mortgage Lender
Pennsylvania 49460 Mortgage Lender License
Rhode Island 20183558LL Lender License
Rhode Island Loan Broker License
South Carolina MB-1710300 Mortgage Broker
South Carolina Supervised Lender
South Carolina Mortgage Lender
South Dakota ML.05162 Mortgage Lender License
Tennessee 120432 Mortgage License
Texas 56301 Mortgage Banker Registration
Utah 8765558 Mortgage Entity License
Utah Regulated Lender
Vermont 6880 Lender License
Virginia MC-3680 Mortgage Lender
Washington CL-56301 Consumer Loan License
West Virginia ML-35402 Mortgage Lender License
Wisconsin 56301BA Mortgage Banker License
Wyoming 2942 Mortgage Lender/Broker License